The G.James Group of Companies is committed to environmental awareness and energy efficient practices as part of an overall policy which recognises: the scarcity of our resources; the impact of waste; and the emissions produced as a result of our many business activities.

It is further appreciated that many of the strategies and practices implemented to manage our commitment have resulted in divisional cost savings and a change in our workplace culture. Being a leading Australian manufacturer of glass and aluminium based products, the G.James Group will continue to review, refine and improve our policies and practices wherever possible to ensure it operates in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly manner possible.

Aluminium Recycling Activities

Scrap metal from the manufacturing process, or metal provided by the customer can be recycled into new logs.

Other Recycling

Energy Savings

Water Conservation


G.James has been careful and diligent to ensure the accuracy of this information. For various reasons some of the practices and commitments detailed above may not be holistic in their implementation but rather a practice implemented wherever possible.