For many years, G.James has worked with local schools to provide an opportunity for students to gain hands on experience in our workplaces.

Opportunities are available right across our company, from manufacturing and trade related areas, through to design and administration, and include:

School Links with Kelvin Grove State College

G.James has School-Industry Links with Kelvin Grove State College and has enabled us to assist them with a special project to design and build a trailer for the school’s ride on mower. This assistance include supplying materials; teaching the students how to cut, bend and weld aluminium; and helping the school to source trade specific tools and equipment.

Students from the school have benefited by being able to have hands on real work in a real work environment.

  1. Student Welding

    Student Welding

  2. Students Fabricating Trailer

    Students Fabricating Trailer

  3. Completed trailer

    Completed trailer

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School Links