G.James is involved in the design, manufacture and installation of Architectural Panelling in many facets of the building industry.

Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town

Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town

G.James Architectural Panels offer you a distinctive design statement with clean lines, strength, durability, quality, reliability and service.


Composite Panelling

Composite Panels - also known as Aluminium Composite Materials (ACM), consist of 0.5mm thick aluminium sheets both sides of a fire-rated core. G.James sources products from Alpolic® and Alucobond®.


Architectural panelling is cold folded using a very simple technique. A groove routed along the back of the panel to a set depth from the face of the sheet determines the radius of the folded corner. Strength is given to the panel by application of specifically designed G.James extrusions, to the full perimeter of the panels.

A variety of shaped parts such as wall claddings, fascias, awnings, parapet caps, column castings and door entry arches can be produced economically using this method.

Composite panels are available in a large range of colours and sizes.
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Architectural Panel Fabrication

  1. Composite Panel Stack

  2. Routered for folding

  3. Fabricated Panels

  4. Fabricated Frames

  5. Completed Panel - Back

  6. Completed Panel - Front

Architectural Panels are designed, fabricated and installed to meet the specific requirements of your project. Panels are fabricated using G.James' in-house Aluminium Fabrication Services.