For Parts & Servicing, please contact our Commercial Contracting Division

G.James employs an industry equipped dedicated service technician to guarantee that specialist service and maintenance back up is there if you require it. Our service technician completes work under our written warranty or charged out service calls - including repair and/or replacement of hardware (eg. rollers, handles, locks etc.) and/or aluminium components (eg. rails, thresholds, framing, tracks, etc)

Please contact our Commercial Contracting Division:

By phone : (07) 3877 2855
By email :
Please mark attention "Service Request".


Unless covered under warranty, all service calls will incur a $120 call-out fee (includes the first ½ Hr. onsite labour) + additional labour charges ($95/Hr) + cost of any materials / parts + GST.

The person requesting the work must be the person responsible for paying the invoice. G.James will not accept any instructions from a third party (eg. a tenant requesting work to be done on behalf of the landlord).
Parts & Service