The use of safety glazing materials in larger and more vivid applications has dynamically enhanced building design.

Couple these with previously unheard of ancillary materials like G.James Colourlite® & Colourlite® Graphic digitally printed glass or vibrant coloured safety interlayers from the Vanceva® Colour range, and you have an almost endless array of creative opportunities.

Colourlite® Graphic Digital Printing

Colourlite® Graphic is a creative tool that offers digital printing of coloured graphics, images, patterns or logos directly onto glass.

Colourlite® Graphic is impervious to weathering and fade resistant making it ideal for a wide range of internal and external applications including shopfronts, office partitions, front entries, foyer displays, building façades, overhead glazing and glass assemblies.

The Colourlite® process is ideal for situations where the design varies or multiple designs appear across panels.

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
Greyscale & Sepia
Glass Types
Monolithic, laminated, or incorporated into an IGU.
Max. Glass Size
4000 mm × 2400 mm
Min. Glass Size
300 mm × 200 mm
Glass Thickness
4 mm – 19 mm
Image Formats
Processing Facilities
Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

Colourlite® Screen Printing



Screen printing is achieved by creating a template screen which is used to reproduce graphics accurately across many prints.

This method can be much faster and cost effective for large orders with identical designs, because the cost of the screen is spread across many panels.

Glass panels can be screen printed with any colour you choose.

The Colourlite® process is also designed to efficiently apply solid (or full) black borders and dot matrix patterns required for the manufacture of boat windscreens and side windows, as well as bus windows. For your convenience, G.James has the in-house capability to supply both flat and curved toughened panels.

Standard Patterns

G.James offer a range of standard patterns for printing on Glass, however we can accommodate most custom designs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.