Maintenance of Hardware

The internal workings of locks, handles, catches etc. should be kept in good working order by applying a light spray of lubricant similar to WD40 or RP7 into the area(s) of any moving parts.

The external finish of all hardware must be kept clean by removing any harmful residue, especially salt spray, from the surface using a non-abrasive cleaning agent and wiped down with a soft cloth moistened with WD40 or RP7.

When maintaining either internal or external hardware, ensure that all finished surfaces (eg. timber, aluminium etc.) in close proximity are well protected from exposure to any cleaning or lubricating agents.

All tracks and sills must be kept clear of dirt, debris and other matter which can cause damage to, and restrict the proper functioning of rollers, guides and dropbolts.

Frequency of Cleaning

Cleaning required is dependant on the severity of the environment. The following time periods represent a guide only.

Rural / Suburban Environments

The maximum period between cleaning should never be more than six (6) months.

Coastal / Pool / Industrial Environments

More frequent cleaning is necessary here with the maximum period between cleaning being no more than three (3) months.

Extreme Conditions

Under the worst conditions involving heavy grime deposition and atmospheric pollution (e.g. sulphur compounds or salts) monthly cleaning is advisable if deterioration is to be prevented.