Energy Efficiency

The type of glass you select for your windows and doors can be a serious contributor to the overall energy efficiency and livability of your home. You can reduce your cooling & heating costs and significantly improve the level of comfort within your home just by choosing the correct glass. Let us help you select the best glass for your needs, then sit back and enjoy the benefits.

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Product Description Energy Efficient Properties Tones / Types Available
OptiLam G.James' range of laminated glass products Tinted laminated glass assists in the reduction of solar heat gain in turn making a home cooler during the warmer months. Additional benefits include improved safety & security and reduced noise & fading Grey, Green, Bronze, Blue & Cool Blue
Solect G.James' range of low-E coated, laminated glass products In addition to the qualities of laminated glass above, the inclusion of a low-E coating works to reflect and minimise the transfer of heat. Solect Clear, Neutral, Shadow, Pewter, Green, Blue Green & Blue.

Note: Solect products require a specialised cleaning procedure. See our Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions for further details
TwinGlaze G.James' range of double glazed units TwinGlaze units can comprise of various glass combinations, including low-E coated glass, to achieve specific energy requirements Various glass combinations possible
LumaTherm G.James' range of high light transmission, low-E coated, double glazed units The LumaTherm products have been specifically developed to provide the perfect balance between energy efficiency and the penetration of natural light LumaTherm Clear, Grey & Satin
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Note: G.James does not manufacture, supply or service residential windows & doors in Victoria.