During design process

Efforts are made to ensure the die design is fit for purpose and as cost effective to the customer as possible. As an initial saving, G.James can arrange to have the tooling price amortised into the production price per metre to offset the lump sum cost.

Expert troubleshooting

Employed by our plastic extrusions division since 1995, the division manager Jason Clarke has extensive industry experience. Jason ensures personal service from someone with the savoir-faire to get the job done. Trouble-shooting feeding problems, preventing gaskets from popping out of position, avoiding gasket "wave" problems and improving shape design are among potential issues that Jason and the team can address to make your extrusion more usable and efficient.

Point of manufacture testing

A length from every roll of extruded gasket is tested to ensure consistency & quality. Measurements are taken and recorded for each batch to aid in tracking any issues at a later date. Materials complement other G.James products are also trialled for a suitable fit after manufacture to ensure whole of system quality.

Back end quality control

G.James can conduct investigations into existing systems utilising plastic extrusions that are experiencing problems. Extrusion and glass checks, applied use and general design issues can be examined to assess the root cause of any issues. Advice is given on the findings, whether it is a change in plastic extrusion die design, or if the issue lies with other members of the system that are found to be out of tolerance.