Noise pollution is a serious issue, particularly when living in areas with high levels of air traffic or busy roads. Too much noise can be damaging to health (increased stress, disrupted sleep). It can hinder academic learning and concentration.

Ordinary glass as used in typical windows and doors does little to keep out unwanted noise. Thankfully, you have options to deal with it.

Products to help control noise

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

With good advice you can select from a number of glass options, all of which assist in reducing the amount of noise that gets inside.

G.James can help you choose between several products to reduce the noise, including:

Insulated glass unit (IGU) is not a practical solution for noise reduction in residential homes as the air gap is not large enough to provide any real benefit.

G.James has outlaid considerable investment in independent sound transmission testing of its product range, and can help you select the most appropriate product for your application.

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