Cheras Industries design and manufacture an extensive range of Aluminium Casting using Gravity and Pressure Die Casting methods. The metal foundry is located in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, manufacturing products for the whole of Australia and the wider international market.

Our highly experienced team provides engineering, product design, casting technologies and toolmaking services to complete an aluminium casting solution for your specific engineering, product or componentry requirement.

Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Cheras was established in 1955 and its aquisition in 1997 added metal casting to the services supplied by the G.James Glass & Aluminium Group.

Typical Product Development Process

  1. Design & Engineering

    Design & Engineering

  2. Toolmaking


  3. Casting


  4. Robotic Finishing

    Robotic Finishing

  5. Completed Casting

    Completed Casting

  6. Completed Mower
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