G.James Glass and Aluminium offers a range of different ways to finish the surface of extruded aluminium, with your choice determined by the desired final appearance and application environment.

Aluminium is naturally protected from many environmental stresses by its readily formed transparent oxide coating. Aluminium can additionally be treated with a wide range of coatings wherever additional surface protection or an enhanced appearance is desired. G.James surface finishing options include:


Anodising enhances the natural metallic lustre of aluminium while accepting durable and vibrant colour through an electrochemical process. Anodising is a more durable surface finish as the process involves controlled oxidisation of the aluminium's own surface which results in a much harder finish.

G.James Glass & Aluminium offers anodising with clear, bronze, black, multi-colour and bright silver, gold, in either satin, brushed or media-blasted finishes. Anodising is available in various thicknesses from AA10 micron (um), up to AA25 micron (um) for more demanding applications.

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View G.James' "Detailed Comparison between Powders and Anodising Finishes" to help you select the best finish for your requirements and specifications.

Premium Finishing

G.James offers you mechanical finishing options as a premium on mill finish or prior to further surface finishing coatings.

Bright Dipping

Brightening is a chemical process that yields a bright, mirror-like finish (known as a specular finish). This is achieved by chemically levelling the microscopic roughness of the aluminium where the high points of a rough surface are attacked more rapidly than the depressions.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an electrostatic process whereby electrically charged paint particles in the form of a powder are sprayed onto the surface of pre-treated aluminium. Once the paint is applied, the aluminium is then baked in an oven to achieve a highly durable, painted (powder coated) finish.

Standard & High Durability Powders & Paint

G.James Surface Finishing offers Powder Coatings & Wet Paint, supplied by Dulux and Akzo Nobel, available in an extensive range of colours, gloss levels, textures and metallic shades for your complete colour freedom.

Powder coated finishes are available in standard and high durability powders and wet paint. G.James is an Approved Applicator for Dulux and Akzo Nobel.

  1. Standard Polyester Powder.

  2. Extra High Durability Polyester Powder.

  3. PVF2 Fluorocarbon Wet Paint.

  4. PVF3 Fluorocarbon Powder.

Aluminium can be painted for both protection and aesthetic reasons. G. James can apply a variety of superior quality paint finishes and colours in both wet spray and dry powdercoat.

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View G.James detailed comparison between powders and anodising finishes to help you select the best finish for your requirements and specifications.

Effecta® Timber Finish

Effecta® is a patented surface finishing process that replicates the colour and appearance of timber onto aluminium profiles. While still offering all the benefits of low maintenance aluminium, Effecta® is a practical and affordable option to real timber

The process of Effecta® involves the aluminium extrusion(s) passing through a series of powder application stations, curing oven and brush & roller booths.

The application of Effecta® works best on flat faced profiles e.g. louvres blades, box sections etc.

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Detailed Comparison between Powders and Anodising Finishes

Property PVF2/3 Fluoro­carbon Poly­ester Powder Extra High Dura­bility Powder Anodising
Compo­sition KYNAR 500* Poly­ester Poly­ester Electro deposit
Colour Range Limited Stock Range made to order Colour Card Colours Limited Stock Range made to order Clear Bronzes Black Blue Night Storm Grey
Colour Variation Excellent Very Good Very Good Good
Gloss Range 25 – 40 10 – 90 30 – 90 50 – 90
Scuff Resist­ance Good Very Good Good Excellent
Flexi­bility Very Good Very Good Good Good
Impact Resist­ance Excellent Very Good Good Excellent
Pollution Resist­ance Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good
Years to First Chalk 10 – 13 years 1 – 2 years 4+ years 10 years
Mortar Stain No No No Yes
Guide to Service Life 20+ years 10 years 10+ years 20+ years
Pencil Hardness F min 3H H 6H+
Dry Film Build (Microns) 30 – 60 40 – 60 60 – 80 10, 15, 20, 25
Pre­treatment Chro­mate Chro­mate Chro­mate Caustic Etch, Polish or Media Blast
Primer Yes No No No
Touch Up Yes Yes Yes No
Applied Cost Very High Moderate High Moderate/High
Specifi­cation AAMA 605.2 AS 3715 AS 3715 AS 1231
Warranty 10 year on request Yes 10 year on request 10 year on request
Appli­cations Monu­mental Buildings and Louvre Systems General Domestic Use Resi­dential & Comm­ercial Buildings Harder wearing surface for all appli­cations
Surface Finishing