G.James offers a wide range of Aluminium Fabrication capabilities including MIG/TIG Welding, CNC Router Cutting, Drilling, Shearing, Bending and Rolling to suit your requirements.

Our experienced team will design and fabricate components through to completed assemblies; from one-off projects through to high volume runs. Aluminium Fabricated products can be supplied in mill, anodised and powder coated finishes.

Aluminium Fabricated components, frames & products

Train Window Frame

Train Window Frame


G.James supplies Aluminium Fabricated components, frames and products to a wide range of industries

Feature Panels

Feature Panels

View our complete range of Park Furniture & Accessories on our Gossi Park website. Also view our Access Solutions Range on our Quick Ally website

MIG & TIG Welding

Welding Robot

Welding Robot

G.James provides a comprehensive range of MIG & TIG Welding as part of our Aluminium Fabrication services. Welding is available for Aluminium Sheet, Plate and Extrusions with thicknesses from 1.2mm through to 25mm. Our welding services are also compatible for surface finishing including powder coating and anodising. Custom stainless steel welding is also available.

Contact Us to discuss your Aluminium Fabrication specifications and requirements.

Bending & Rolling

Bent Shapes

G.James provides a custom service for Aluminium Extrusion Bending & Rolling including design, manufacture and supply of dies and extrusions to meet your project drawings and specifications.

Our Aluminium Bending & Rolling capabilities will provide the specific radius or curve required for your project.
Tooling Availability
Product Wall Thick­ness Roll­ing Bend­ing Centre Line Radius
25 mm Round Tube 2.5 mm no yes 50 mm bend radius
32 mm Box Section 2.5 mm yes yes 128 mm minimum roll radius
116 mm bend radius
42 mm Round Tube 4.5 mm yes yes 128 mm minimum roll radius
84 mm bend radius
50.8 mm Round Tube 2.4 mm yes yes 128 mm minimum roll radius
100 mm bend radius
75 mm × 50 mm Box Section 6 mm yes no 124 mm minimum roll radius
100 mm × 50 mm Box Section 6 mm yes no 179 mm minimum roll radius
25 mm × 3 mm Angle - yes no 128 mm minimum roll radius
For Sheet Metal Stocks and Folding capabilities, view our Sheet Metal page.

CNC Routing

G.James uses a number of CNC machines (based in Brisbane and Perth) for Routing & Cutting Aluminium.

Router Services

  1. CNC Machine

  2. Routing

  3. Nesting

Drilling, Punching & Fine Tolerance Cutting

G.James has the capability to Drill and Punch Aluminium Extrusion to all types of customer specifications. This process is currently being used to help with the fabrication of many products including roof racks, solar panels, mounting brackets, seating products and other hardware products.

Automatic Fine Tolerance cutting facilities allow G.James to supply material cut to size and machined to suit your requirements. We cut back metal with tolerances of up to ±0.3 mm

  1. Emmegi Machine

  2. Precision Fabrication

  3. Precision Fabrication

Light Fabrication