G.James' plastic extrusion division has been operating since 1995. G.James employs an experienced team that design, manufacture and supply a wide range of generic and custom profiles.

G.James has the capability to cut to any required length (including multiple lengths in a production run) and an inline punching system for punching holes or slots into rigid PVC during the extrusion process.

Custom Die Design & Manufacture

Typical PVC Die

Typical PVC Die

We offer custom design and manufacture to suit your specifications.

Quality Control

Quality in any manufacturing process is tantamount to customer satisfaction and product consistency. G.James plastic extrusions are rigorously tested in every stage of the design and manufacturing process to ensure reliability. G.James will also overview the system the extrusion is used in to ensure we provide the best service possible. Please refer to the Quality section for a high level overview of our quality assurance protocols.

Plastics available

Rigid PVC Profiles Stacked

Rigid PVC Profiles Stacked

Standard Colour Range

Various PVC Colours

Various PVC Colours

G.James' standard colour range is black, white, white birch, primrose, beige & frost. Other colours are available on request.

Products and Applications

G.James manufactures a wide range of plastic products to complement its aluminium product range in sizes up to 100mm in Circumscribing Circle Diameter (CCD). These products are used in an array of industries.


  • flexible glazing channels
  • wedges
  • bulb seals
  • flap seals
  • whisker seals
  • rigid plastic profiles


  • Building and construction
  • Automotive
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Marine
  • Shop front
  • Internal fit outs
  • Railways

  1. White PVC Extrusion

    White PVC Extrusion

  2. Raw PVC

    Raw PVC

  3. Packaging and Storage

    Packaging and Storage


All offcuts of the PVC extrusion process are recycled on site. Offcuts are shredded and can be re-used in the manufacturing process. As a quality control issue, recycled material is only used on non-structural gaskets, such as fly screen splines.

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PVC Extrusion