G.James provides a range of hands-on and customised training and development opportunities for our employees. We are committed to learning and assessment which is specific for our organisation and integrates learning delivery and outcomes in the classroom, office, factory and on-site.

Registered Training Organisation

In 1998 G.James received accreditation as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and delivers nationally recognised training, assessment and qualifications for our employees. Our network of qualified workplace trainers/assessors are employed in key hands-on positions within our organisation and provide supervision, mentoring, workplace-based training and assessment.

Our qualified workplace trainers/assessors together with specialist external Training Organisations provide a range of training and development including:

As a Pre-Qualified Supplier under the User Choice 2010-2015 program, G.James Australia Pty Ltd is required to publish a full AQF and User Choice Audit Report from 2012 (AQTF).

School Links

G.James demonstrates a dedicated commitment to building links with local schools through:

Read more about our School/Industry projects.

Industry Awards

G.James' Apprentices have been recognised with Industry Training Awards.

G.James is a great place to work.
For more information, contact us via email training@gjames.com.au