At home in either traditional or modern styles of architecture, the G.James 048 Series Awning and Casement Windows represent great appeal, value and versatility.

Which type you select will depend on the function you require.

The horizontal projection of an awning window ensures a constant flow of fresh air as the open sash catches any updrafts passing. Alternatively, a casement sash effectively captures and directs any cool, prevailing breezes to the important areas of your home.


For further information relating to the standard size range, upgrade packages, possible configurations and other important considerations refer to the G.James Residential Product Selector.

G.James Glass & Aluminium is an Accredited Member of the Australian Window Association Product Accreditation Program and an environmentally aware organisation. 3

G.James has branches in Brisbane, Sydney and Australia-wide. To discuss your requirements, contact your nearest branch.
  1. 1 Keylock option available (additional cost).
  2. 2 Conditions apply.
  3. 3 G.James residential extrusions are manufactured in Australia from billet produced using recycled aluminium. This billet requires approx 90% less power to produce than primary billet.
Awning & Casement Window