Architects, building designers and home owners insist on variety. The opportunity to express their creativity in producing the overall Look.

It's not simply about the type of brick or the colour of the paint. It's how big you can make a window; variety in the tone, shape and type of glass; where you can place an architectural glass feature in or on your home.

GJ EtchLite Acid Etched Glass

Acid etched glass is clear with an acid frosted surface, which provides a translucent satin finish. It is a very versatile product and can be used in many applications around the home.

G.James also offers a range of textured patterned architectural glass.

GJ GripLite Non-Slip Floor Glass

CriSamar® STEP “Incus-X”

CriSamar® STEP “Incus-X”

GripLite is an architectural glass specially designed for flooring and other surfaces. Multiple panels of glass laminated together provide the structure, strength and safety for Glass you can stand on.

View our Specialised Glazing for further information and gallery photos.

GJ ColourLite Deco Splashbacks

ColourLite Deco combines the latest in acrylic urethane paint with the smooth, durable, easy-to-clean surface of glass to offer a stylish, practical alternative to tiling.

With an extensive selection of colours, including a range of spectacular metallic paints to choose from, ColourLite Deco can be used to compliment or contrast any kitchen or bathroom décor.

View our Specialised Glazing for further information and gallery photos.

GJ SpectraLite Coloured Glass

Digital Printing on Glass

Coloured Glass

Coloured architectural glass is a great way to make a statement in your home or project. It can offer a a striking look when combined with other building materials like stainless steel or timber.

The GJ SpectraLite Colour System uses vibrant coloured safety interlayers includes a palette of 14 colours which can be mixed and matched to provide over 1000 different colour options.

ColourLite Printing on Glass

Catalina, Bowen

Printing & Painting Glass

GJ Colourlite

GJ ColourLite is a range of Screen Printed solid, standard and customised patterns with choice of standard and non standard paint colours.

View our ColourLite Standard Patterns.

GJ Colourlite Image Catalogue

Image Catalogue

GJ ColourLite Graphic

GJ ColourLite Graphic offers digital printing of coloured graphics, images, patterns and logos directly onto glass. This 'next generation' technology offers an exciting and cost effective means of creating unique images on glass or personalising any glazed space.

See Printing on Glass for further information.