Acid Etched
A translucent glass with a satin etched surface finish, used decoratively and for privacy.
Acoustical Laminate
A laminated glass incorporating a special sound reducing interlayer.
ArmaClear ®
ArmaClear is G.James registered trade name for Bullet Resistant, Physical Attack, PrisonShield and Anti-Bandit security glass.
Bent Glass
see Curved Toughened Glass
Body Tinted Glass
see Toned Glass
Ceramic Painted or Printed Glass
Glass with a ceramic frit or ink applied to the surface by screen or digital printing. The glass is then heat treated to fuse the paint or ink to the surface.
Clear Float
The basic raw glass product made with silica and other chemical additives, from which many secondary products are manufactured. Available in thicknesses from 2mm to 25mm.
Coated Glass
Glass with a thin transparent metal coating applied to the surface. Coating can be reflective, Low Emissivity (Low E) or for a special purpose coating such as self cleaning. Coatings can be either by on-line or off-line processes.
Colourlite ®
G.James registered brand name for ceramic painted and printed glass.
Curved Toughened Glass
Toughened Glass which has been formed into a cyclindral shape.
Cyclone Resistant Glass
Laminated glass designed to resist penetration from high velocity projectiles.
Decralite ®
G.James registered trade name for 2-Pack Polyurethane painted glass used for internal decorative applications such as kitchen splash-backs.
ECOtherm ®
G.James registered trade name for Insulated Glass Units (see Insulated Glass Units).
Grade A Safety Glass
Glass manufactured under licence to Australian Standards and used where human safety is an imperative. Available as laminated, toughened or organic coated.
G.James trade name for non-slip glass which incorporates a unique range of surface textures ideal for use as step treads and glass flooring both internally and externally.
Heat Strengthened Glass
A glass which is about as twice as strong as ordinary annealed glass and has good resistance to thermal breakage. It is not a safety glass.
Heat Soak Testing
An accelerated testing process which can be conducted on toughened glass to reduce the likelihood of spontaneous breakage due to Nickel Sulphide (NiS) inclusions.
Insulated Glass Unit
Two or more panels of glass separated by a spacer and hermetically sealed to form a single unit. The airspace between the panels of glass is filled with air or an inert gas.
Laminated Glass
Two or more panels of glass bonded together with an interlayer typically polyvinyl butyral (PVB). It holds together when shattered classifying it as a safety glass.
Low E (Low Emissivity) Glass
Glass with a thin transparent metal coating applied to the surface to reduce thermal(heat) transfer. The Low E coatings can be applied on-line or off-line to a variety of glass types.
Low Iron Glass
An ultra clear transparent glass with improved clarity.
Glass with silver and enamel coats applied to one surface; used for reflecting images. Available as safety glass and various tones.
Optilight ®
G.James registered trade name for Low E laminate glass.
G.James trade name for laminated glass incorporating a SentryGlas® (SG) ionoplast interlayer. For more information view our Optisafe brochure.
Reflective Glass
Glass with a thin transparent metal coating applied to the surface which provides a mirror like appearance.
Silent Glass
see Acoustic Laminate
Solarplus ®
G.James registered trade name for off-line reflective and Low E coated glass.
Solect ®
G.James registered trade name for Low E laminate glass used for residential applications.
Textured (Patterned) Glass
Glass with a textured surface used for both decorative and privacy applications.
Toned Glass
Glass infused with metal oxides that tints the glass in a range of Green, Grey, Bronze and Blue tones. The colour density increases with glass thickness.
Toughened Glass
A safety glass which is 4-5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass and when broken tends to break into relatively harmless fragments.
G.James trade name for rolling stock and land vehicle windows.
G.James trade name for Insulated Glass Units.
Vanceva ®
A wide range of eye-catching coloured polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers used in laminated glass.
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