G.James is also a leading processor of secondary glass products including laminated, toughened and insulating glass units. The company’s interests extend into other entities supplying aluminium castings, street & park furniture and aluminium scaffolding & access equipment. Collectively the G.James Group forms Australia's largest and most diverse producer of glass and aluminium based products.
Family owned & operated

The G.James Group of Companies is a family-owned, manufacturing business proudly specialising in the Australian-based production of aluminium windows & doors, building facades and aluminium extrusions. Sustained growth and investment over several decades have seen the business expand from a single glass factory in Fortitude Valley to today supporting over 2000 employees operating from some 35 locations around Australia. In 2017, G.James achieved the significant milestone of 100 years in business.

The group’s success over these years is largely attributed to a history of entrepreneurial stewardship, dedicated employees and a loyal, satisfied customer base.


Window Energy Rating Scheme
Housing Industry Association
Master Builders Association

Quality ISO

Our Commitment

The G.James Group is committed to the implementation of environmentally friendly work practices and plant operations as part of an overall policy which recognises the scarcity of our resources, the impact of waste and the emissions produced as a result of our many business activities. As a leading Australian manufacturer of glass and aluminium products, G.James conducts on-going reviews to continually refine and improve our policies and practices to ensure optimum operational efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Aluminium Recycling Activities

  • Up to 30% of all G.James aluminium lengths are extruded in Australia from billets produced, using recycled scrap. This secondary billet requires approx. 90% less power to produce than the primary billet. In addition, the energy required to recycle aluminium only demands 7% of the energy required to recycle plastic.

  • Aluminium 'swarf' (saw shavings) is collected and recycled by a third party.

  • All casting products are manufactured from ingots, produced using 100% recycled aluminium scrap. 

Other Recycling

  • PVC extrusion waste is recycled on-site to produce new extrusions.

  • Recycled cardboard and plastic are used for packing purposes wherever possible.

Energy Savings

  • All production plants light up with energy-saving lamps, fixtures and daylight switches which collectively achieve the same brightness using 30% less power.

  • G.James commissioned factories are fitted with 'high-bay' windows and roof light sheets to maximise the entry of natural daylight and limit the use of artificial lighting.

  • The extrusion ageing ovens and aluminium remelt furnaces have been upgraded to operate on less energy.

Water Conservation

  • Water-efficient surface finishing plants operate within the Aluminium Products division.

  • Cooling towers located within G.James' own finishing plants operate at levels lower than the EPA water consumption guidelines.


  • The installation of a thermal break line allows G.James to supply extrusions for use in the fabrication of energy-efficient aluminium windows and doors.

  • The significant investment in the commissioning of three (3) insulating glass (IG) unit production lines within our Glass Products division. These units are recognised as a critical component in the manufacture of energy-efficient windows and doors.