Noise Control
Unwanted sound and persistent noise can quickly lead to increased stress, disruptive sleep and an unpleasant environment within your home. The acoustics of your home can be improved and the level of noise alleviated through a thoughtful approach to your glass and window selection. Whether you're too close to the neighbours, in a flight path or front a busy road, G.James can assist you with finding the most suitable solution for your situation.

Select Your Solution

Product Description Acoustic Properties Tones / Types Available
OptiLam G.James' range of laminated glass products Laminated glass comprises a resin-based interlayer which effectively 'dampens' the transfer of sound waves. For most applications, laminated glass represents an effective, low-cost method of reducing noise Clear, Grey, Green, Bronze, Blue & Cool Blue
Solect G.James' range of low-E coated, laminated glass products In addition to the noise reducing qualities of OptiLam (see above), the inclusion of a low-E coating works to reflect and minimise heat transfer Solect Clear, Neutral, Shadow, Pewter, Green, Blue Green & Blue.

Note: Solect products require a specialised cleaning procedure. See our Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions for further details
EcoTherm G.James' range of double glazed units EcoTherm units feature an air space which disrupts the flow of external noise into a home's interior. The inclusion of an OptiLam product will further enhance the acoustic qualities of the unit Various glass combinations possible
LumaTherm G.James' range of high light transmission, low-E coated, double glazed units LumaTherm products combine the noise reducing features of a TwinGlaze unit with the perfect balance between energy efficiency and maximum light transmission LumaTherm, LumaTherm Plus & LumaTherm Ultra