Safety & Security
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It is important we all feel safe in our homes - safe from injury and safe from unwanted entry. While home security systems only activate after the event and screening is limited to guarding the openable area of a window and door which, in most cases, leaves any fixed glass panels exposed and vulnerable to easy break and enter. By selecting the right glass that minimises human impact injury, resists easy breakage and effectively deters intruder access, you are making a positive, proactive choice towards better protection for your family and possessions.
safety glass
Minimise Impact

Exposed glazing for high-end retail premises, armoured vehicles and remand institutions is critical to deter, hinder and protect. G.James manufactures a comprehensive range of performance laminates specifically designed to satisfy a wide spectrum of safety and security demands. See the Special Purpose section for specific architectural and commercial glass solutions.

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Product Description Safety & Security Properties Tones / Types Available
OptiLam G.James' range of laminated glass products In the event of accidental human impact, laminated glass reduces the likelihood of serious injury while also providing greater resistance to 'break and enter' attempts Clear, Grey, Green, Bronze, Blue & Cool Blue
Solect G.James' range of low-E coated, laminated glass products In addition to the properties of OptiLam (see above), the inclusion of a low-E coating works to reflect and minimise heat transfer Solect Clear, Neutral, Shadow, Pewter, Green, Blue Green & Blue.

Note: Solect products require a specialised cleaning procedure. See our Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions for further details
EcoTherm G.James' range of double glazed units Incorporating laminated glass into a EcoTherm unit will combine the safety and security benefits of OptiLam (see above) with the noise reducing qualities of double glazing Various glass combinations possible
LumaTherm G.James' range of high light transmission, low-E coated, double glazed units LumaTherm products incorporate either a toughened and/or laminated 'A' Grade safety glass as standard. LumaTherm products also offer the perfect balance between energy efficiency and maximum light transmission LumaTherm, LumaTherm Plus & LumaTherm Ultra