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Make the most of your surroundings by inviting the outdoors in with a G.James Sliding Door. The style and configuration of your sliding doors are important considerations to make, as they must cater to your lifestyle while contributing to your home's overall comfort and visual appeal. G.James provides a wide range of sliding doors and can assist you in selecting the best fit for your situation. You can preview our range of doors below or contact us today to explore the many options and design features that we have to offer. 


• Flat-top sill ideal for a flush ‘inside-to-outside’ transition
• Quality hardware for durability and smooth operation
• Full range of screening options
• Excellent weather resistance and robust construction
• Colour matching sill threshold for an neat flush finish
• 3 & 5 track options allow for multiple sliding and fixed panel
• Our range caters for larger openings and high wind prone sites
• Sliding panels ensure minimal interference with furnishings
• 7 year ‘peace of mind’ guarantee

Example Configurations (Outside View)

Slider/Slider/Fixed (Stacker Door)
Outside Corner Door


* Other configurations may be available upon request.

Inside Corner Door


Colour Selector

Explore our selection of standard powder coat colours and anodised finishes. 

Standard Size Range / Configurations

View our standard size range and possible configurations to determine the most appropriate door for your home. 

Glass Solutions

Address such issues as heat, noise, safety, security, glare and fading - after all, Your Home, Your Glass.
Glass Breakage Comparison Test Video 


Select Your Handle

Onyx Slimline
Onyx ‘D’ Pull (standard)
Axiom Slimline (Mortice Lock)

Note: Keyed options available upon request.

Axiom ‘D’ Pull (Mortice Lock)

Our Range

246 Series - Residential

Well regarded for the wide selection of handle and screening options, along with an extensive range of configurations among its many features, this series is the perfect blend of functionality, durability and style for the homeowner. More...


247 Series - Residential Plus

Offers an upgrade in both structural and water performance levels when compared with the 246 Series. This door is perfectly suited to multi-level residential apartments as well as projects where larger sized panels and/or thicker glass types are specified. 

445 Series - High Rise Residential

Provides superior performance, innovative design and versatility. Featuring the largest panels, highest acoustic ratings and double glazing (IGU) compatibility, the 445 Series door suits standard configurations while offering complete customisation to satisfy individual project requirements.

Screening Options


G.James flyscreens are an economical way to cover the open area of your windows and doors, helping to keep your home free from flies while the fresh air flows in. Our flyscreens are constructed using an extruded aluminium frame and standard fibreglass mesh.

Barrier Screens

Barrier screens offer an affordable, intermediate level of security for your home. G.James’ barrier screens feature black Armagrille (diamond-shaped, aluminium grille), fibreglass mesh and aluminium frame.

Crimsafe Screens

Crimsafe screens provide a superior level of safety and security to your windows and doors. The integral high-tensile, stainless steel mesh is discrete in appearance ensuring your views are unhindered. 

Series Comparison

246 Series 247 Series 445 Series
Housing & low-rise residential Housing & medium-rise residential Housing & high-rise residential
Panel Positioning Inside slide Inside or outside slide ¹ Inside or outside slide ¹
Screening Fly, barrier & Crimsafe screens Fly, barrier & Crimsafe screens Fly, barrier & Crimsafe screens
with retro-fit tracks
Frame Width Options • 101mm (3 Track)
• 168mm (5 Track)
• 101mm (3 Track)
• 168mm (5 Track)
• 101mm (2 Track)
• 152mm (3 Track)
• 202mm (4 Track) ²
Flush Sill Option Yes Yes Yes
AS 1428 (DA) Compliant
Sill Option
No No Yes
Max. Water Penetration ³ 450 Pa. 800 Pa. 800 Pa.
Glazing • Single glazed up to 6.38mm
• Double glazed (IGU) 18mm
Single glazed up to 13.52mm • Single glazed up to 13.52mm
• Double glazed (IGU) 29mm
Max. Panel Size ⁴ 2400mm (h) x 1200mm (w) 2700mm (h) x 1800mm (w) 3000mm (h) x 1800mm (w)
& Corner Doors
& Corner Doors
& Corner Doors
Energy Ratings Available Yes No Yes
Max. Acoustic
Rating ²
Rw 35 - Standard
Rw 40 - Tandem door
Rw 35 - Standard
Rw 40 - Tandem door
• Rw 38 - Standard
• Rw 43 - Tandem door
Bushfire Attack Level Tested & certified to BAL-40 Tested & certified to BAL-40 Tested & certified to BAL-40
Handle Options • Face mounted with 'D' pull
or slimline style
• Mortice lock with 'D' pull
or slimline style
• Face mounted with 'D' pull
or slimline style
• Mortice lock with 'D' pull
or slimline style
• Face mounted, 'D' pull
• Mortice lock, 'D' pull

1 Panel position dependant on configuration and performance requirements
2 Project applications only
3 This is the maximum rating for this product and may require special construction/installation to achieve this result. Consult your G.James representative to discuss your specific requirements
4 Guide only, dependent on wind load requirement of site

Note: The above details are intended as a guide only. Contact your G.James representative should your requirements differ to, and/or exceed these specifications.


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